A downloadable game for Windows


A small roguelike based around growing the Dungeon to get more loot!


- Collect Treasure
- Try to avoid Spike Traps and Monsters
- Increase Combo to gain more treasure (potentially)
- Keep an eye on the timer

Patch notes for v1.0.1 (LD Hotfix Edition)

- Shop prices don't reset after every run

Patch notes for v1.0.2 (LD Mildfix Edition)

- Timer Duration updates after upgrades
- Player Health upgrades should work now as well
- Tweaked Combo Multiplier to avoid rounding errors (+0.5x -> +1x per upgrade)
- Time stops on entering the Shop

*As we aren’t sure it’s valid for LD, we’re leaving the old versions up as well. Feel free to check either!


Coding and art by Neon Glass team  
Music by Aleks SHAGI


CAT-A-COMB.zip 23 MB
CAT-A-COMB v1.0.1.zip 22 MB
CAT-A-COMB v1.0.2.zip 22 MB

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