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You're the god and you're in control... to an extent.

As the god, your power heavily depends on your followers' faith. And what's the best way to prove one's faith than by sacri- uh, I mean, tribute!

It would've been much easier if you'd have thought it through in advance, wouldn't it? As if having your altars placed quite far from the villages wasn't enough of a nuisance, the people are starting to believe the natural phenomena happening around are deeds of the so-called "Elemental Gods"... and giving them a part of your tribute. How dare they! 

With enough faith you should be able to suppress the aforementioned phenomena for good, but getting there... You'll have to use your own elemental powers to keep your followers around long enough! 


  • 1, 2, 3, 4 - choose Element
  • Esc - Pause and help


  • Click Elements on field to destroy them:
    [Fire > Earth > Air > Water > Fire]
  • Monoliths disappear when you try to hit them!
  • Please check the Pause menu (Esc) for information about GUI elements and mechanics!

Patch notes for 1.2.1 (LD Bugfix Edition)

  • Fixed destruction animations cutting off 3-4 frames early
  • Fixed game over screen's duration (2s ->4s)

*As we aren't sure it's valid for LD, we're leaving the old version up as well. Feel free to check either!


Coding and art by Neon Glass team  
Music by Aleks SHAGI


The Tribute 1.2.1 18 MB
Version 1 Dec 06, 2018
The Tribute 1.2 16 MB

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