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A tower defense based around managing your only resource - being the Core's life, building material and townsfolk - to survive the longest!


- Build Towers to defend the Core by shooting Warriors (keep some supplied!)
- Build Labs to get skillpoints (by consuming scientists) to upgrade various features
- Build houses to increase your Cell capacity
- Try to survive the longest

Patch notes for v1.1 (LD Bugfix Edition)

- Warriors amount is increased by Tower's cost on purchase instead of being set to that
- Towers no longer stop shooting at random
- Tutorial text is shown in its entirety now
- Scientists amount should no longer go negative
- [Start Wave] button disappears after starting the first wave (as intended)
- Fixed sprite positions of buildings
- Fixed sprite animations of buildings
- Field made square-er
- It's possible to purchase the House for 549(/550) Cells now

*As we aren’t sure it’s valid for LD, we’re leaving the old version up as well. Feel free to check either!


Coding and art by Neon Glass team  
Music by Aleks SHAGI


Yodin Defense.rar 19 MB
Yodin Defense v1.1.rar 19 MB

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